Music Experience

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I've been playing the piano for 24 years.
I received 12 years of formal lessons.

My experience with the piano has taught me so much more than just playing songs and scales.
Some of my personal benefits include:
        discipline               coordination
        poise                      confidence
        patience                 self improvement
        character                self expression
        self control             perseverance
 and the list goes on!

The many hours I've spent at the piano bench have shaped my life. I love music and the personal fulfillment it brings to my soul. I am excited to teach this wonderful instrument to the next generation of pianists.

I have experience in accompanying:
 - soloists, duets, small groups in religious settings
 - choirs and congregations in church
 - singing with friends and family for holidays and other occasions

My experience with solo performances
 - religious meetings (both on piano and organ)
 - recitals
 - pageants
 - funerals

My background in piano and music reading was the foundation for my future music learning.  After years of piano enjoyment, I started playing the guitar - and quite well! I know this wouldn't have been possible without piano lessons.  Playing the piano also built up my finger strength and coordination which was needed for playing the guitar. Similarly, I already knew the theory of music, which transposes into all instruments. I knew how to practice a segment of music until it was perfect. All of these things were benefits to my new endeavor of playing the guitar! I immediately began playing hit songs and even wrote many of my own songs! It was a fun season of life! I still play the guitar for fun with my children. We make up silly songs, and sing familiar ones too.